Rubbish and poo

The evening was literally shitty for me. 🙂 But I don’t feel shitty, not that I’m Pollyanna, but tonight it feels like it’s no use remembering all that bad stuff, except to write it down and laugh it off.

A bird dropped its seedy poo on me while I leaned against the traffic lights waiting for the one opposite to turn green.

Luckily I have my wet tissues, also bought when I touched Something Nasty on a coffee shop table.

Nothing much happened while I loiter in the shopping center. Oh, the cash deposit machine didn’t work when I wanted to use it.

On my way back, I saw some men carrying trash bags. I walked past slowly while they tossed the bags into a large trash bin.

Then I got sprayed by rubbish juice.

Fine. I took out my wet tissue and wiped it off.



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