Hairy matters

“Changing hairstyles is really common during life transitions such as a break-up or a new career,” Los Angeles-based psychotherapist Heather Turgeon told “Our hair is something we can control, so it’s empowering to make changes especially when you feel like other aspects of life are out of your control.”

One of the reasons that I wanted to dye my hair was because I’ve turned 24, but I didn’t really have the courage to do it until lots of months of pondering.

Here I am with new hair which I can’t really get to see, unless I constantly a mirror with me.

Time to trim my bush-like hair though.

Low told that he’s seen women in their last few months of pregnancy ask for a short cut or a simple style so they won’t have to fuss as much after the baby is born.

“But then they return days later feeling exposed and unattractive, questioning their stylists’ judgment in making the cut,” he says.

“Exposed”! “Unattractive”! Ladies, long hair lets you hide and feel attractive.


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