Meet my neighbors

I was looking out of my window when hanging my towel, and I realized that I can see what’s happening in the homes across my block.

The people looked like little toys, walking in toys houses, watching miniature TVs, sitting on doll couches.

Even though I can track the daily lives of these people, I don’t know them. I never will.

We’ll always be residents of Punggol (either one of us move out the area).

I’ve never really gotten used to the tall buildings here. How compact everything is.

Although I do love the lights in buildings at night. They sparkle like stars. I’ve always loved the cities for their nights.

At lunch last week, my boss mentioned something that led to me saying I will leave Singapore one day. She looked shocked.

At the course reunion, one of my ex-classmate/friend was also surprised that I will move out.

The world is so big. I can’t just stay here forever, but until then,  I will still stay and enjoy life.


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