New project: Examining my single life

I’ve been known among my friends to be quite desperate. Desperate for a boyfriend.

While I don’t hang out in bars picking up guys or join Social Development Unit (SDU aka Single, Desperate, Ugly) activities, I do read the Love column in magazine and (embarrassingly) bought this book:

“Still picky? You’ll never get a guy”

Yes, I am unfortunate enough to own a copy of such an unfeminist book. And even more embarrassingly, I’ve finished reading it.

While most of the content is useful–“”You should stop being grouchy”, a lot of the advice are unfeminist and the inner me is screaming: BULLSHIT!

However, I will turn this unfortunate piece into something fun. Starting today, I will take a chapter to examine my life.

Hopefully, before the end of the 33 chapters here, I will finally get someone–though I’m still not sure what for.


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