“What do you do on weekends?”

During lunches with work acquaintances, the question of how I spend my weekend pop up very frequently.

Small talk? Perhaps. But I really do not know why other people need to know what I do on weekends, unless they plan to ask me out.

All sort of things happen on weekends, and every week end is different from the last. Why do you even bother asking?

And I really feel uncomfortable tell whoever it is what I do on weekends? Would they judge how boring my life is?

Or they don’t even care and just want to keep the conversation rolling? If so, talking about the newest product will be more fun than pretending to be listening to me.

And after I tell them what I do, I probably have to ask them what *they* do on weekends. But I usually forget, because if I don’t care enough I would forget.

Despite my reluctance to share, I still answer them the most boring answer–I stay at home and watch videos.

So this Saturday, I cooked and ate and cooked and ate. There you go.


One thought on ““What do you do on weekends?”

  1. It is the most common lunch time topic. To some people, it is a very important social tool. It’s good to know what your colleagues like to do outside of work, find out their hobbies and likings… It’d leave a better impression if you get a relevant birthday gift to that person, etc. =)

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