Singapore’s Mad Men

For a while, I have spotted this surprisingly uncreative advertisement for the “Singapore’s most creative directors 2010” something. Is it an award to a one person or this whole group of guys in mug shots?

Today I had the chance to look closely and I was surprised to see that there was no woman on the list.

Most creative director and they can’t find a woman who’s equally creative? Honestly?

As I was being pissed, I was remembered the episode of Mad Men I watched yesterday where Peggy thinks that Don keeps taking credit for her ideas without even acknowledging it. (Season 4 Episode 7) Is it the same with these creative directors?

Here’s a recap of the scene:

Peggy, who has missed her birthday party and “thinks” that she just broke up with her boyfriend–who is an unromantic busybody, good riddance– finally breaks and shouts at Don that he never thanked her for her advertising ideas.

Being the meanie that he is, Don shouts back: It’s your job. I give you money, you give me ideas. [skip] Every day is an opportunity for YOU. And you should be thanking me every morning, along with Jesus, for giving you another day.

You can watch it here:

Love Don’s line: Go! Go run to him like in the movies. You don’t have to be here.

Back to my subject. Why no woman recognized as “most creative director”? Are they still “paying their dues”? Are they still banging on the glass ceiling?

I went searching and found last year’s ad (equally uninspiring. yawn)

Credits: This site which still uses  FRAMES in the age of HTML 5 and CSS.

Well, at least last year there was Ms Lim in it. But why is it so imbalanced? Boo!


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