Three days to Taipei

Counting down the days I will be travelling.

The e-ticket for the plane ride came in, today, along with my event schedule and info of my accommodation. What luck! I will only be two blocks away from the service apartment my parents and I will be staying at. And I have until 6pm on Monday before the people meet up for the company dinner. What should I do?? 😀

I have a feeling this trip will be awesome! (And 10 hours of parent and work free travel on Monday. ho ho ho)

Subject change! Time to talk about F.O.O.D.

I will definitely be eating a lot during this trip and I will try not to have stuff that is available here. (Try!!)

In Singapore, I’m too low-income to enjoy expensive food so I will be a nouveau rich when I’m there and eat at nice places.

I spotted this food blog while searching for “to eat in taipei” and found “a hungry girl” who has the most gorgeous pictures of food in Taipei and other places. drool.

Memo: Bring eco-utensils because they love disposables there.

Let me see what are the must eats I can think of:

  • the original bubble tea
  • Taiwanese breakfast of youtiao and soy bean milk as dip
  • xiao long bao
  • hot pot (dad doesn’t like all-you-can-eat though)
  • visit a nice cafe and sip coffee while secretly take pictures

Heard from a friend who just came back from holiday that it’s getting chillier there. brrr. I hate the cold.


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