Day 4 food

Post trip update posts:

On day four, We went to the original Dintaifung shop hoping to eat a nice meal there. There was a horrible queue and even though we had a queue number, we waited for about one hour before we finally got in.

And we ate the stuff we could eat in the Singapore branches. But they were slightly more delicious. just that little bit.

Drinks from a chain called “Taiwan King of Dairy Product”. I had papaya milkshake, mom had cranberry ice and father’s was fruit milk tea (orange flavored)

Had dinner at a place runned by gangsters, according to my uncle.

The place had odd antiques, which include this really tiny shoe for ladies with bounded feet. Felt like throwing up when I imagined crushing my feet into this size. The torture probably feels a lot like how wearing heels which supposedly make you look taller therefore slimmer.

Fancy toothpicks


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