Gamespot writer position open

Holy cow Batman. There’s a new position opened at our company. It’s writer for our new site Gamespot Asia. Basically, a site ALL ABOUT GAMES. Rinse and repeat. ALL ABOUT GAMES.

I tried to check out the Australian version of the site but can’t find it and found it. I hope the job does not consist of copying articles from US site and adding in a slim story about XXX launching here finally.

As usual, I did a tarot reading and the card is so freaking awesome that I maybe should try my luck.

But I hope I don’t need to use Photoshop.

The Magician: Mastery over word, mind, and matter. The ability to turn ideas into actions, handle problems, and control one’s life. The initiation of new projects, great works, or a new way of life. Eloquent and moving communication. Arcane and eldritch technologies.

//I’m very hopeful that they will instead employ a super handsome/cute appropriately-aged guy I can gawk over.  Wipes drool off face. Not that they can’t hire a lady for the job, but just hopeful it’s a guy instead.


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