Hairy adventures with Liese Bubble Dye

My old hair color has been with me for about 6 months and the nasty black roots have grown to about two inches.

I decided to go chocolate brown this time because I was looking at Suri Cruise’s hair. “I want her hair!”

It wasn’t exactly this photo that made me go “Want!” Just that I wanted to put one of her sucking on her baby bottle. I didn’t quit my bottle until I was 7. ha ha.

So N helped me buy a box of Liese in Chestnut Brown. (I was deciding between glossy brown and this, but chose it on a whim.)

After the unboxing, I was stunned to find a Japanese manual in it. Though I did take lessons, trying to decipher instructions while feeling nervous about what to do is not very helpful.

Luckily there was another English manual.

I did the skin allergy test the night before (Woke up at 7.11am this morning) No allergies so I went on ahead with the dye.

Here are the tools: color and carrier

The tube was slightly crooked so I got a bit worried.

After mixing color in, it turned brownish.

It wasn’t easy taking photos with both hands foamy. But here are some shots. The USP of the dye is that it’s foamy and you supposedly will cover every inch of your hair easier than normal liquid dye. Look foam.

It was very fun rubbing foam into my hair. But distracting when I get some on my forehead/arms/shirt. The color on skin washes off easily, and don’t worry too much about your bathroom tiles.

I would suggest doing it in the bathroom because you don’t know when the thick foam might drop onto the floor.

The foam turned purple halfway. I didn’t do a shampoo mohawk but patted the foam around it make my hair look like cream-covered cake and made my hair stand as far up as it can.

Does it remind you of this:

Surprisingly, I couldn’t really finish the whole bottle after slathering all my hair with the foam. I still pumped more of it out and used up everything.

After 30 mins, I rinsed out my hair. The foam was so firm that I had to use the shower head to break them up. Surprisingly, the water ran clear, not colored like the other dyes do.

I’ve now towelled dry and lotioned my hair. The color looks ok after my hair dried. More chocolate and less red compared to the last color job.

The ammonia smell is tolerable, more like new toys than new hair color.

I give it 4 stars. But let’s see how long the colors will last.


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