Meet Lady Madonna, my new phone

As you would know by now, I have a pretentious habit of naming my electronic devices after ladies in The Beatles songs.

First was Lucy my PC. then came Rita my camera.

Today, I bought my very first smartphone–an iPhone 4.

It was overwhelming at the store because I’m signing away two years for a piece of metal I can make calls and surf the net with. And I have to pay about half a thousand for it. Gulp

Anyway, I’ve decided to name her Lady Madonna (full name of a song, a first for me).

It’s quite a cheeky name, and three pop culture references:
1. Beatles song
2. Madonna (THE Madonna, with pointy bra)
3. Lady Gaga (also with pointy bra).

Oh, how I make myself laugh.

Lady Madonna’s “children at [her] feet”.

I didn’t know Apple people had a sense of humor. Finger tips, get it? Finger tips.

Here’s the song

To do:

  • Charge it tomorrow morning for 12 hours
  • Get cover + screen protector
  • Think of iTunes screenname

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