Adopting ma belle Michelle

Today was laptop auction day at the office. The IT people gather up our old laptops, label them and ask us to bid for the ones we want.

I didn’t really want to get one cos I don’t really need one. But when I went into the room, one caught my eyes.

It had a shimmery cover. And it was a Panasonic Toughbook–something I had wanted to get cos I heard it’s lightweight. Perfect for travel blogging (my fingers still too big for phone blogging)

What I noticed was that the paper with a big 886 was actually switched to another one. So strange, and I assumed someone wanted to sabotage the bidding for this.

I came back after lunch to check out the bidding war. There was only one lady who put the minimum $30 bid.

I decided to wait till the last few minutes before I bid.

The clock ticked (digitally) and I eagerly scanned the other bids. Some were already up till the hundred (crazy people). And I decided to put in my bid.

The first bidder had put in an extra 50 cents. How cute, so I put in another 50 cents.

Not so slowly, our bidding was joined by others who plonked down more increases.

There was a frenzy as our department was busy with yells about bids. It was quite scary and very crazy.

When I saw the bids go up to the $50s, I thought that I ought to stop. I wanted it at $50, nothing more.

But then Blue put in an extra dollar, followed by the first bidder–Red. Green came in and added more.

I am Pink and the bid I put in was for fun only and that it would be my last bid.

But later I saw Red’s bid again, and thought I lost. I even clapped for her and the other winners.

But, suddenly I heard someone say that the bidding stops at 15.00.00. Anything after did not count.

I didn’t quite believed it since it was only a second difference. But…turns out, I was the winner.

So I paid for the computer and brought her to my desk. I told my colleague about my device naming habit and she suggested Michelle, and that the song had French words.

I looked at the computer and felt that she should be a Michelle.

So let’s all welcome Michelle.


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