Midweek post: Let there be light


I usually do not have blog post up during the week and have a few during the weekend. Not very healthy for a blog, I feel.

So just a bit of journalling here: My ceiling light went slightly crazy last week. It refused to shine fully.

I decided that it must be because of the tube being faulty and that switching it with another light bulb, I can get it alright.

I climbed up my bed, took off the cover and removed the light bulb.

Then I went into the kitchen, climb up the kitchen table and unscrewed the kitchen light.

Unfortunately, it was the wrong size and I had to climb back up to return it. Bah!

Luckily, the living room light was the same size. After bringing the table outside and locking the door so landpeople will not suddenly burst in causing me to topple off the table, I removed the bulb and put my old one back up.

The light stopped shining in the living room.

Back in my room, I popped the new bulb up. But…it didn’t work! The light was a faint glow so I called my father.

He suggested that I tighten the fuse. After multiple reassurances from father dear that I will not electrocute myself, I went and fiddled with the furse.

Suddenly bright light. It is the fuse problem, huh? I called back to report success.

Sadly, the success was shortlived. The light refused to shine after I switched it off.

So for the next few days, I had to climb up, fiddle with the fuse before switching the lights back on.

I discovered that the fuse looked very faulty and refused to be plugged in (when plugged in, it doesn’t feel like shining neither.)

On Sunday, I gave up and bought a another tube of light.

Quoting a Christian deity: Let there be light.

Or in the LOLCat Bible Translation Project:

At start, haz no lyte.
An Ceiling Cat says, “I can haz lyte?”
An lyte wuz.

More LOLCat Bible goodness here: http://www.lolcatbible.com


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