Midweek post: Rapunzel…afterthoughts

Another mid-week post to break the monotony of the weekdays.

I watched Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale (Tangled, for you U.S. folks). I love Disney princess movies (except Cinderella and Pocahontas), so I am very biased when it comes to reviewing the movie. I LOVED IT!

Before watching the movie, I made sure that I listen to the soundtrack many times so I can lip sync when they are singing in the movie.

From the songs, I found out that Mother Gothel is very mean to Rapunzel. Though she acts all loving, she holds Rapunzel hostage (physically and psychologically) by locking her up in a tower and being passive aggressive when Rapunzel requested that they both go and see the lanterns.

And she criticized Rapunzel endlessly, with one annoying line “getting kind of chubby”.

The story’s more about a girl daring to expand her horizon. Doing what she wants.

So how feminist was it?
I’m going to be lazy and say: It’s a Disney movie! No need to overanalyze.

But if I had a little girl, I think Rapunzel would make a good role model for her, because:
1. She has a dream.
2. Goes for it.
3. Feels that she is betraying her mother but is excited anyway. (Her bipolar scene was hilarious and I can totally relate).
4. Knows where to draw the line when she needs to: when realizing that her “mom” has been a kidnapper.
5. She knows how to use weapons: her hair and a frying pan. (Major kick ass heroine.)
6. She’s very smart: can paint, play guitar and chart stars. POW!

I would say it’s more feminist than purely wanting to get a man to complete her (like Ariel). Yeah, Rapunzel still needs a “man with pointy teeth” to bring her out of the castle. But she got out because she wanted, didn’t she? It wasn’t him coaxing her out.

One part of the song got me all teary (even before the movie)!

It’s  “When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 2)”, where Rapunzel first stepped on the grass. Mandy Moore did a fantastic job in portraying a character who’s scared, still challenged herself and went on to breathless excitement.

Also it might sound very cheesy but I learned a lot from the movie: dare to pursue your dream.

One line in the movie made me go: That’s it!

It was when Rapunzel was waiting for the floating lanterns to come, she tells Eugene that she’s afraid of dream (not sleeping dream–ambition). Here is a from memory conversation:

“What if it’s not what I think it is?” she asks.
“It will be,” Eugene says.
“What if it is…Then what?”
“You find a new dream.”

I’ve sometimes been afraid to do something, telling myself, what if it isn’t as good as I think it is? And what if I get it, do I just be content?

Well, dear YQ, now you know, whether it’s as good or bad, try and then you go find a new dream.

Disney! Don’t stop your fairy tale animations. Pleaseeee!


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