An afternoon at the museum

When my parents and sister were here for my graduation, I made a mistake of asking them to go to the National Museum of Singapore. They only had less than an afternoon there so everything was rushed.

The Banyan Tree, I believe.

Wonderful weather with a hint of grey on the lower right.

The Pompeii exhibition is on now. A slightly costly $12, but on the day it went, it came with free access to the history gallery.

Tagged along with the guided tour (much recommended) and learnt a lot more than what I used to think.

Imagination 1: People were killed by burning hot lava.
Fact: People suffocated from the ash. Lava flows very slow.

Imagination 2: Archaeologists discovered “lava people”–corpse preserved by cooled larva. Giving them a grey look.
Fact: The bodies you see (fake ones here) are actually made of plaster. They pour wet plaster into the holes, plaster settle in where the bodies have decomposed. And then you have these figures.

Imagination 3: Suddenly, volcano eruption. People were doing their usual stuff and suddenly were killed by lava.
Fact: The earth had been shaky before the eruption. Most people fled the seaside resort but some stayed there.

Obligatory photo of Minerva (also known as Athena).

“CHARGE!” commands mini Minerva.


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