Fiscal fasting: Day 2

I’m reading The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map to the Riches. It is written by a man who claims to the The Ultimate Cheapskate.

I am a cheapskate and I am not embarrassed to admit it. I’m even proud to be labelled as one. But..sometimes I have violent spending urges especially during sales.

I’ve decided to try out one of the ideas in the book: fiscal fasting. That is, you do not spend money for a full week. During this week, you can use whatever you have stocked up in your pantry and live on those food.

Since I stayed at home last Sunday, I managed not to spend money. (Though I did pay my delayed phone bill, just imagine that it was done on Saturday.)

I also ate whatever I have in my fridge, the tofu meal I add in the last post. Picture here again:

Travel to work must be counted in, so I ignored that as an expense for now. Today, a Monday, I brought two slices of chocolate log cake and a box of rice to work. Cake was for breakfast, which I ate alongside some old early gray I kept in the office. No buying $1.50 coffee. And, did you know that $1.50 is about the price of one liter of milk?!

Lunch was rice with bits of last night’s tofu. Side dish was the turkey and ham sent to the office last Thursday, but kept in the frigde of course. The instant miso soup was disgusting.

After lunch was the burnt-tasting coffee from the office coffee machine. I diluted it with much milk and water. Quite yummy after that.

Around 7pm, I was still in the office and was slightly hungry. I had a spotty (or browning) banana from last Thursday. It tasted quite alright.

For dinner, I took some turkey back and made a meal of udon with celery and miso.

Tomorrow is another day of challenge. Breakfast and lunch will probably be the same as today. But I have a dinner meetup with A & J. So I have to figure out how to not spend any or just break the fast for one meal.

Stay tuned…


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