Food experiment: Baked miso tofu

I get annoying food cravings, and most of the time it involves meat. I did not have any meat in the fridge today so I decided to make do with what I have: Pressed tofu and miso.

A quick search on Google proved that it is possible to bake miso tofu. I didn’t have the gazillion ingredients the other folks have.

Instead, I put sesame oil into my miso paste.

I experimented with cubed tofu first. The miso caramelized nicely and gave the tofu cubes a nice crunch.

Unfortunately, there was too much miso on the tofu and some parts got quite salty.

For the next batch, I diluted the paste until it was smooth.

I also sliced the tofu. It looks much prettier this way.

In the oven you go. And out you come.

The burnt pieces are much tastier. šŸ™‚ (No flash)

It was a successful experiment and made me not hungry or crave for meat.

Also, my rice froze. hee hee


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