Day 3 of fiscal fasting

Third day of fiscal fasting. I got weird looks when I told my colleagues about the fiscal fast. “But rice is just $2 what.”

And no, I am not broke. I discovered on Sunday night that I have “save” a bit more than my targeted $500 per month. Small achievement and I would love to brag but I’ll stop here. (I did tell mom. hee.)

Memo: Need to save for France.

During the fast, I realize that I usually spend most on food and sometimes coffee and sometimes 5 Daiso stuff at a go and sometimes $1.95 Watsons stuff.

I am also more aware about how marketing is driving my spending thoughts: “Oh sale! So cheap maybe I can go in and get something.”  “Oh….pretty advertising.” “Oh, ad for McD toffee nut cofffe on phone. Think I want one.”

Usually, these thoughts would come and go in my subconscious but now I’m more aware of it. Awareness is the first step to action, says advertising school. (I made that up.)

Here are today’s food.

Instant oatmeal I kept in the office. Sadly, not full from it.

Horrid mocha. Coffee machine espresso + creamer + milo = dried tiny shrimp taste.

My earl grey was forgotten but now I’m drinking it again, instead of buying coffee.

For lunch, it was the old turkey and ham. Microwaved, the turkey is soft and fragrant. (Shared the meat with colleague.) Plan to make porridge tomorrow, to spice things up. Two more batches of meat to go.

Dinner was the log cake from Thursday. I admit I looked at my fellow diners’ meals sadly.

Unfortunately, was a bit hungry when I got back. Cooked a new batch of rice so I had freshly cooked rice. Mixed in sesame oil, soy sauce, D’s mom’s secret XO sauce and pepper. Super yummy.

Today’s reflection: I admit that part of this fiscal fasting is because I am a miser. But another part is that I want to challenge myself. Ganbare!


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