Day 5 of fiscal fasting

For breakfast, I took the biscuits my aunt gave me two months ago. I realized that it will expire next week when I got to work.

Thanks to fiscal fasting or I will leave the biscuits lying around forever.

I also had a pot of tea (which I added water again and again). Teabags, although expensive, was free and I took it from a friend.

Lunch was porridge, this time with the turkey. And also the meats as side dishes.

I didn’t get to take photos. And I did a really thick skinned thing of bringing my bento to the eating place, although there was a tiny “No outside food allowed” sign.

Then tea time, I used my voucher to get another bubble tea.

Dinner was an office party were the finger food was quite good (not as good as last night’s) and two orange juices.

Fiscal fasting almost over. I must stop myself from buying stuff to congratulate myself.


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