6th day of fiscal fasting

This morning, I was in the elevator and I suddenly realized that I forgot to bring my cake for breakfast.

After getting the cake, I thought I was ready for my last day of fiscal fasting. Then I remembered: I forgot the rice.

So I had to make do with whatever I have in the office.

Breakfast was yesterday’s almond biscuits and coffee.

For lunch, I had the cake instead (and two apples). Later I had the rest of the ham.

There was some muffins from a vendor.

Then I came back for dinner: udon, celery and ham miso soup. the package is the only miso I buy because I haven’t tried the rest.

I know I still have one day to complete the week of fiscal fasting. But I have to be reasonable, I need to buy some heavily discounted and very comfortable but not pretty shoes during the sale tomorrow.


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