Food food foooood of Dec 2010

Yoyo’s milktea is best consumed with pudding. My unfortunate choice of pearls.

Thick toast with chocolate spread.

Seafood dinner!
First up was house special tofu. Then crab and prawns.

Barley drink that didn’t come from powder. Full of bits of bean curd skin.

And then the good type of Hokkien mee. Black sauce, thick noodles and bits of fried lard.

Mom had been talking about my weight a lot during this trip. I replied, “plump like Yang Guifei (Concubine Yang), slim like Xishi loh.”

Not quite food but found this 1970 textbook. Even says it’s for Malaya.

My very first “real” English book.

Pity people don’t describe fertility with papaya. Juicy!

From last dinner of 2010.
Chinese teh–normal Chinese tea brewed using dirty tea leaves in huge batch. Much more sensible than other drinks when eating out. Mostly served in beer glasses. Ha ha)

(stereotype alert!) Like all good Asians, Yoko-chi enjoys rice.

Thai-styled chicken

Stir fried beef


Yam leaves. Tender~

Shark fin soup. From the wedding banquet of a 19-year-old bride (gasp! for both shark and bride)


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