Sexist me

Femininity is just for chicks. When men do feminine things, they are debasing themselves. Masculinity is awesome and for everyone. When women do masculine things, they’re awesome. This is sexism: Masculinity rules, femininity drools.


Not sure if I’ve posted a similar post. But I had been very guilty of thinking that “Masculinity rules, femininity drools” since young. (See my post in February 2010)

Why? Because adults used to (and still do) tell me: “Don’t do XXX. Only boys do it.” And like the child that I was (or maybe, am), I would think: Holy crap! Why am I doing? I’ll never be the good girl that I am supposed to be. After the reflex self-reprimanding, the other side of me would think: Why do only boys get to have fun?

Instead of doing “things only boys can do”, I started thinking “what would things boys do”. For instance, when I see a bug–which I wasn’t born to fear so that helped–I would think: what is expected of a boy? Not be afraid and squash it to death.

Gradually, it evolved to being spiteful to people who are afraid of bugs–scoffing at their fears while bravely killing said bug. I’m changing that now and accepting (slowly) that there are people who fear bugs (just like how I fear phone calls).

Another example is my dislike of skirts and dresses for quite a long time. “Skirts are for girls [who aren’t allowed to have fun],” thought little me. My skirt-dislike period probably led to my mom thinking that I was  lesbian.

I was reminded of Shiloh while writing the last sentence. (See left, the pic I stole from the Web site.) Read more:

I also vaguely remember that I asked my mom for a younger brother when I was little. Maybe I wanted to have a kid that can do the stuff that I wasn’t supposed to do. But my mom never did give me a brother. Hmph.


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