Skies of Sabah

The sea near where my shop was. The clouds looked pretty in my mirror so I parked by the roadside to snap some pictures.

Right next to the power supply box.

The clouds.

On the left is the army camp of Lok-Kawi. It’s a huge ground empty with some trucks scattered about.

The (quite) empty camp. It’s been here since we moved here when I was about 4 years old.

The round tree. I took a photo of it some years ago, will look for it and compare.

The sky was equally lovely when I got back but I not lovely when you have to go out and hang laundry. Sunblock time!

My dad’s car mirror shattered when a pebble hit it when the lawn mower man was mowing grass. It’s quite artistic though.

A bouquet of vegetable.

Rainbow on new year’s day.

Mt Kinabalu, viewed from the airport.

Actually, it’s quite far.

The reflection was larger.


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