2011 third week food

Had been going to Chinese New Year lunches so didn’t have the chance to take as many food photos as I wish I could.

Here are some photos from The Coffee Nations.

why is root beer called root beer?

Lunch set available, add $5 more to get a drink and CLAM CHOWDER. was yummy.

clam chowder

My main dish. A pasta with juicy mushrooms.


I went to Foster’s The English Rose Cafe today to try their famed Devonshire Cream Tea Set.

I ordered Ceylon tea to go with it, you can have a choice of coffee or other teas. My tea was meh but they gave a little jug of milk which makes up more than half a cup.

When the plate came, I could smell the warm scones.

Devonshire Cream Tea Set

I tried the cream and almost went to heaven. What did they put in it? I thought I tasted a bit of coconut.

I finished all the butter and cream but left a thumb-sized piece of scone (shame) because I had a medium lunch. I’d go there next time hunger and devour the scones.




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