From Barcelona, with love

Another 1 hour and 15 minutes before today ends for Barcelona. Today is the 15th of the first Chinese lunar month, and is also the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Unsuited girls (heaven forbid an unwed lady!) would go to the river/lake/I-forgot-which-body-of-water and throw in mandarin oranges to wish for a good catch. (Oddly, a search on Google showed that the mandarin throwing custom started from Malaysia.)

I’m now writing this post in the homestay place that I booked. I am warm and cozy  in layers of clothes and pants and with the blanket covering me.

I  have yet to find the famed “foreign love affair” thing that my mother and sister had wished for me. (Though I did have a tiny crush on the humorous journalist whom I will never see again.)

The working days here was quite crazy. I usually end up sleeping at 2am because I need to send the story before I sleep.

The event area was far from my hotel and I, along with the other journalists, have to be shuttled there.


The national art museum of Catalan is just up the hill of the expo center. I was lucky enough to take a lunch time off to see the exhibition.

There were many many Christian artwork there but also secular art such as this stained glass panel.  I rented the 3 euro audio guide and found it very useful.

Lovely stained glass panel

Today I checked out of the hotel and encountered one of the notorious Barcelona pickpocket/thief.

View of square coming up the escalator.

I was in the square, fishing for my phone to call my homestay host. Then this middled aged lady came up to me with a flower and gestured that I take it.

I stopped my fishing and clamped my bag tight, shaking my head. She gestured again and I shaked my head again. Then she left me.

I told my homestay host about it and she said that it’s a trick the thieves use. If you do take the flower, they will pester you until no end. When you tell them that you want to pay for the flower for them to go away, they will haggle with you.

In the end, they’ll ask for 1 cent. While you are looking in your wallet for the cent, they will see where your money is and abduct it without even you knowing.

Phew for me!


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