My stay in NH Duc de la Victoria

I had the chance to visit the lovely city of Barcelona for Mobile World Congress.  I was there for four days of work and another three and a half days of leisure.

My host booked a room at NH Duc de la Victoria for four nights. The location is marvelous as it is just a short walk away from Las Ramblas, the long pedestrian path leading from Placa Catalunyua to the water front.

The hotel is also near Placa Catalunya and the Gothic Quarters where some leftover Roman walls and graves laid. The church of St Eulalia is also in walking distance.

The hotel is at the junction of Carrer del Duc and Carrer de la Canuda.

My driver took a few turns before he found the hotel while my host’s driver couldn’t because of the parade happening around noon.

The receptionist was an Alicia Silverstone lookalike. She spoke good English (gracias!). She gave me a room on the first floor (or the second, if you believe the ground floor is the first) where the non-smoking rooms were.

My room was just above the lobby.

Interestingly, the elevators did not have a close button. I had to press the floor multiple times for it to close.

The room had a weird shape. A door after the bathroom door.

I had to take my stockings off the bed before I took this.

As you can see from the photo above, the distance between the armchair and the bed is tiny. And from this picture below, you will realize how I needed to climb into the chair every night to write my stories. every single night.

What is worse is that there was no free WiFi in the room and the LAN cable is missing. Alicia Silverstone told me that if there is no cable, there is no Internet and I will have to pay. Imagine how at 1.30am each night I had to carry my computer to the lobby just to send off my story, by then my brain had almost shut down.

Even the gorgeous window view didn’t help with the annoyance of my WiFi-less situation.

Unfortunately, the nice view also meant that I had to stuff the little leak down the window with a pillow so that the chill would not slip in. 😦

Well, it’s very pretty.

At night, the street looked mysterious.

I misread the Do Not Disturb sign in Spanish as “No Molesters, thankyouverymuch.”

For travellars to Spain, remember that their wall sockets are built into the wall, so your adapters will need to be pokey as well. One of my borrowed plug was not so I had to ask Ms. Silverstone to lend me one.

Despite all my complaints about the cold and lack of WiFi. It was a good place only because of its location.

My breakfasts!

While NH Duc de la Victoria was a nice place, I couldn’t afford to stay there for my extra three nights. I did a search online long time before my trip and found this homestay by a Chinese lady. Her link here: China Mei Shan.

I’ll blog about it in the next post.


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