Internet banking experience

I love Internet banking. I love how I’m able to see how much money I have in my accounts (that’s a topic for another day) down to the last cent.

But, I am still not as comfortable with money transfer to other people’s account on Internet banking. It just seems a bit more scary than sending money from the ATM.

Another reason I never did money transfer to third-party accounts is that the process is so tedious. Just telliing the bank that I want to send money over means I need to give it: the person’s bank account number, bank code (what?!) and some other information.

One night, I really had to send money over so I sat in front of my computer with my online banking token ready.

I hit the “transfer to third party” link and was sent to a page with small print. I read and clicked the link but was sent back.

I finally realized that I needed to sign up my phone for alerts before I could use the service, so I clicked on a link and filled up the form.

Tragedy struck.

But it resulted in this comic.



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