Barcelona homestay: China Mei Shan

I finally have the chance to write about my other accomodation in Barcelona. My post about my first accommodation NH Duc de la Victoria is here.

For the second part of my Barcelona trip, I had to move out of my 3 star hotel because I can’t afford to stay an extra three nights there. I chose China Mei Shan (Photos of rooms here)

It is a homestay sort of hostel run by a lady from China. I picked her place after much Googling because I found her earnest. She posted her ads on forums targeted at Chinese students in European schools. She sounded honest in her posts and had some positive reviews from some who claim to be her lodgers (we can’t be too trusting, can we?).

But one of her posts made a deep impression. In the post, she apologized to two of the members of the forums.  The post was about how she had a bad day and did not wake up the two travelers who later almost missed their train. She apologized again and again in the post.

Humility is something I admire because I have too much pride for my own good.

I rang her up and asked if she had rooms for the periods I am there. Luckily, one of her lodgers is leaving on the day I was to go (I later learned that he was there for Mobile World Congress as well).

I asked for a room for two, despite being alone. I didn’t want room mates who might snore. It was really fortunate that I chose this route because I saw a man sleeping in a partitioned corner of the house just off the living room when I was there. (That might have been the “single bed” rate.)

Her place is quite near to the city center Placa Catalunya, only about two blocks walk away. She kindly fetched me from the department store near the Placa (but was very late because she had to check out some of the folks).

Her house is on the 3rd floor. You access it using an old school lift. There are two doors, each need to be shut tight before the lift is willing to move.

I was given the largest room in the house. Probably because I sound more foreign than the rest.

My huge bed

This blurry photo was taken on another bed, beyond the panels is another small “room” which fits two bed. The small space is actually too cold for a tropical person like me, I even had to stuff the door crack with cloth!

Beyond the doors

The aunty said she came to Spain 10 plus years ago but she still couldn’t speak Spanish. Oh well, everyone has choices.

Breakfast is included in my 42 euro per night rent.

For the first day, breakfast was Sinocized paella with some prawns.

Paella a la Chinois

The next day was you tiao with porridge, then Chinese meat buns for my last day. Both days there was carrots and cucumber sliced–I didn’t have the raw veg. I also didn’t take photos because I was too shy to.

Anyway, the aunty has a note book full of interesting and useful information. She suggested the travellers to take photos of the pages and use them during trips.

Despite copyright, I will put them up here too.

Discount village La Roca

Directions to La Fonda--good restaurant

Map and directions to La Fonda

Directions to La Vaca Paca--buffet place

Didn't go here.

Gaudi day tour.

The aunty was nice and even stuffed pistachios and a bottle of olive oil to me.

A bit sad that her bed is in a corner of the living room, divided using a Chinese divider sort of thing.


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