Counting down to 25: 20

I guess 20 is a good round number to start my countdown. On April 27, 4.30am, I will officially be 25.

Twenty and five is a very special year for me. Because of a dream I had when I was a kid. I don’t remember if I wrote it here before or not?

When I was a kid and the TV was showing Superman drama series (or there was a Superman movie around) I dreamt that Superman’s relative came to a 25-year-old me and said: You are Superman’s successor.

Ha ha… Also, the person called me Kate in the dream so I’m quite attached to the name.

Anyway, 20 days before I become a Christmas cake. I will do something special on these days to challenge my wimpy self.

These past two days, I did something I never did all these 24+ years of my life.

1. I finally asked a boy out. (Many thanks to D and Captain Awkward’s wonderful blog post.) I was turned down but it didn’t feel like the end of the world which I thought it would.

2. I asked a colleague for traveling tips. I’ve always had problems around attractive guy, something in my brain goes haywire and I act really awkward. Will work more to get rid of that.

So, the next 20 days, I will continue to challenge myself.


One thought on “Counting down to 25: 20

  1. *clap clap*
    psychologist says, reality is always not as BAD as how you thought it would be, due to some “psychology-term-which-i-can’t-remember” when other factors come into play, such as time, friends, self-preparedness and such 🙂

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