Sucker Punch. I liked

The really cool music that played in the prologue, with very minimum dialog. Try playing this while reading, it might help.


I finally went to watch Sucker Punch. I don’t remember where or when I saw the trailer for the first time but it impressed me enough to put it in my list of: Things to watch at the cinema.

However, when the reviews rolled it, they were mostly: Bad bad bad bad. NOT FEMINIST! OK…but this doesn’t mean I can’t watch something I have made up my mind to, does it?

After all that bad press, I didn’t have much expectations going into the cinema. But it went better than I thought it would be.

The movie was definitely my cup of tea: fight scenes (though unnatural CGI and gravity), arty colors. It reminded me of Shutter Island (home for the mentally ill and lobotomy), Inception (fantasy within fantasy), Blood the Last Vampire (girl in sailor uniform and badass sword), and even my favorite game Bioshock (the Madam’s accent reminded me of Dr Tenanbaum).

I stole this from somewhere

From left, Baby Doll (who perpetually has SexyFace), Sweet Pea (strong woman. roar!), Rocket (great hair!), Vanessa Hudgens Blondie (5 lines in total?), Amber (she flies planes!!)

By the way, Jon Hamm is in the movie with two outfits:
1. Le docteur–Clark Kent glasses (swoon).
2. High Roller–White tux seen from afar (Don Draper, swoooon). He’s the client who has paid big bucks to deflower Baby Doll. <–yup, they used “deflower”. snigger.

The movie starts off with gray colors telling how Baby Doll (whose real name was M. Rose, from what I saw on the form) is brought into the asylum. The haunting music plays in the background while the story unfold.

The colors changed to a vibrant arty shade when she is imagining herself in a bordello, and changes to rusty brown in fight scenes. I love the color differences.

Sure the characters were stocky (not including Blue the Pimp who is fantastic). But I don’t really care, it was satisfying in the end (though I believe I missed out something during the credits).

I’d watch it again.


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