13: Victorian hairstyle

Went for a haircut today, after struggling internally whether to leave earlier.

I went to the saloon near my office where N had a nice haircut before. My hairdresser was the guy who happened to sit at the counter.

I told him I want a trim at the back and I do not mind having it shorter but only as short as my shoulders. I also wanted bangs and took care to tell him that my hair is “difficult”.

I was shampooed and got to walk like Darth Vader to the hair rinsing place. And held on to my turban walking back.

Hairdresser started thinning my hair from the top–which my trusted hairdresser back home said was a No No. Aiyah!

After much trimming, he blew dry my hair and sort of made the ends curl.

Imagine the horror when I saw myself with my glasses. He blew my hair into something similar to a Victorian doll–curls at the side with a fringe.

I had to go into the loo to straighten my hair, but not before I took a photo of a semi-straightened hair.


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