Watching Hakuoki 薄桜鬼

Just finished second to last episode of Hakuoki! Keeping season 1’s finale for tonight, but visited the page. Giggled at the comments on the last episode because most of them reflect my thoughts on the leading lady–USELESS!

Plus, she and the other famale characters have no nose!!!

Why did they make the main character so useless? The two things Chitsuru seems to be good at is looking helpless when being attacked and running away–plus some other stuff like doing the laundry, mopping the floor, lying out dishes in the sun to disinfect and making boiling hot tea.

I was patiently waiting for some guy on guy action–especially since it’s set in an all-male police station type of place–but, unfortunately, it is a hetero anime.

But there was a fan service scene. >w<

Kondou gives Okita his coat because Okita is sick with pneumonia (or something). Okita (who in this series has always looked up to Kondou) says: “I can smell Kondou.” And Kondou sniffs his coat while Okita laughs. (Some of my fujoshi brain cells have died in happiness.)

I’ve found my reasons to not die as soon–watching anime makes me feel ALIVE!!! (But I’m also trying not to sink into being an otaku.)


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