Count down to Paris! 25: Musée des Arts et Métiers

Start of another countdown series. This is dedicated to Paris and la France.

Vingt Cinq: Musée des Arts et Métiers

The Museum of Arts and Crafts was not on my list of to-do until I read Time Out Paris. It seems to be an interesting place, and I’ll bet not many people have this on their destinations to visit. Plus, the museum is near where I will be staying so it’ll make a good place to rest off jetlag.

The guide book recommended that I time my visit to coincide with Théâtre des automateseatre. I went to check online and turns out they have 3 shows on the day that I arrive in Paris.

Translation (by Google Translate, because mine’s really rusty):

The museum has an exceptional collection of automata of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Three times a month, the restorer of automata or demonstrators bring these mechanical marvels.

In the Theatre of automata, the number of places is limited for each session, booking tickets can be collected from the reception of the museum 30 minutes before the session begins.

The demonstrations last 45 minutes, they are free (included in the price of admission) and reserved for the public individually.

I also discovered that admission is free for journalists. I wonder if I only need to show my name card or if I have to show a press pass (which I don’t have).

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