Cleaning brushes with olive oil?

I love my makeup brushes.

But I love cleaning my brushes even more than the brushes themselves. Everytime after cleaning the brushes, I feel a sense of satisfaction. (The same happens to me after my laundry is done.)

A high school friend shared a video of a lady teaching people how to clean their brushes using a mixture of olive oil and dishwashing liquid.

I decided to try it out myself too. I did it once last week and I’m undecided if it really made my brushes great after cleaning.

Here are this week’s dirrrty brushes. Also, a plate.

Put some olive oil and some washing liquid onto the plate. The Youtuber says washing liquid disinfects better than baby shampoo. The olive oil not only dissolves the paint as well as condition the brushes.

Swirl your brushes into the mixture and rub it on your palm. I gave it a good shampooing as well.

The olive oil also works very well cleaning my gel eyeliner brush. I usually use the leftover cleansing oil to dissolve the eyeliner then wash it with soap. This time I only need to rinse it once.

After the good rubbing, I rinse my brushes clean and leave them to dry.


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