Tarot reading for August: Hermit

Reading done on Feb 27, 2011/ Hello future me

The Hermit

Full Meaning: Key Words for the Hermit Tarot Card Meanings
* Wisdom
* Humility
* Solitude
* Searching
* Detachment
* Deliberate
* Observation

In our fast-paced, harried world of today, we would all do well to do as the hermit does. The Hermit’s stride is slow but sure. He takes each step with a deliberate, conscious approach – knowing that each step of the journey is a small imprint upon the larger picture of his path. He does everything in this manner – each breath he takes, each word he speaks, every decision he makes is a deliberate act.

This is one prime source of the Hermit’s wisdom. In recognizing that each of our thoughts and actions is a brick we use to build our lives, we partake in the creation of our own reality. The Hermit has had to learn this lesson by means of distancing himself from the regular, routine world. By removing himself from the “normal” stream of societal thought, the Hermit is able to listen to the inner stirrings of his own intuition and act upon it.

In much the same way, by turning off our telephones, switching off our televisions, and removing ourselves from the barrage of external chatter – we are able to finally hear the small voice from within that leads us to higher ground.

The Hermit walks a fine line. By purposefully choosing to remove himself from society he also runs the risk of being misunderstood and labeled inappropriate. These labels do not concern him as his path of spiritual knowing and higher wisdom are his prime concerns.

The path of the Hermit is certainly not for everyone, but we all have parts of ourselves that need a little quiet time at the least. When the Hermit shows up in a reading it often refers to a need to be still, contemplate, meditate, observe what is going on before any further action is taken.

Key Symbols Relative to Hermit Tarot Card Meanings:
This section focuses in on a few select symbols that can help us further define the Hermit Tarot card meanings.

Staff: Appearing as an attribute amongst pilgrims, saints and even priests, the staff is an emblem of power and authority. The staff is in the Hermit’s left hand, representing the hand of higher awareness (subconscious mind). In this case the staff represents the Hermit’s ability to use his isolation and the knowledge he has gained as a tool upon his path to even higher levels of awareness.

Stance: The Hermit stands upon the precipice of an icy mountain. This symbolizes the heights of his journey, and further intensifies the feeling of his isolation. Mountains typically symbolize achievement, growth, and accomplishment. The symbolism in this case is the Hermit has achieved his goal and he is continuing the path he has chosen, committed to his endeavor of ultimate awareness.

Star: The star of David shines brightly within his lantern. Biblically, David is means “beloved of God” and so the light from the star symbolizes the light of God. Further inspection of the star reveals that it is comprised of two triangles, one inverted, the other erect. This is a common symbol for male & female, or opposing/balancing energies. In the context of the Hermit, this symbol represents balance, and using the energies together for the purpose of spiritual advancement.

Key Questions Relative to the Hermit Tarot Card Meanings:
When contemplating the Hermit Tarot card meanings, ask yourself the following questions:

Have you taken the time to simply “be?”
Are you able to be still? If not, why?
What is your level of awareness at this moment?
Are you receiving the guidance you need on your path? If not, why?
Are you able to be quite and listen to the still small voice within?
Is the current path you are on still as meaningful as when you first set out?
When was the last time you stopped to take a break from the hussle-bustle of your life?


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