Steve Jobs, the unlikely love adviser

Looking at Steve Jobs in his turtleneck and jeans, I wouldn’t imagine him to be the romantic type.

Reading stories of his dictatorship, I thought he was equally bossy and was probable a male-spinster.

Turns out, he not only had a wife, but several children as well.

The day he died, many stories about him poured out from click-hungry news site. Among the many articles, there was one that talked about what happened when he first when the woman that was to be his wife.

The article said Jobs (we’re not on first name basis), skipped a business meeting (!) just to take the lady to dinner. He was said to be sitting in his car, asking himself: Do you want to miss this chance to take her out to dinner? (Or something like that.)

That rephrased paragraph made me weak in my knees. But also gave me hope that there is this one person in the world worth skipped thousand dollar business deals for.

Another of such story circulated today. Told by Jobs’ sister (they were separated, but he looked for her later in his life). The Apple dictator told his sister about: This smart and beautiful woman who has this dog and who I want to marry.

It seemed totally out of character. But yet, in character. Why would a person like Jobs doubt what he wanted? And why can’t he have the best woman he has found in his life?

While I keep doubting if there is such thing as  “The One” or whether it is a concept fabricatied by novelists and advertisers, Jobs’ story gives me hope that one day, someone who crosses my path might make me go: I want to marry him/her (you never know).


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