ENCORE, an analysis

An analysis of ENCORE by Julien Loko from the French musical Dracula, l’amour plus fort que la mort

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Our music video opens with the image of a run down castle which suspiciously looks like a great place to live, not the lair of our Undead King.

Dracula, in his cage, tormented for centuries over the lost of his dark-haired love, Elisabeth. Camera focuses on his handsome face for a while.

Our present day love birds, Mina and useless-Jonathan, frolicking in the woods.

Useless John sees castle and flees. Leaving his fiancee, who decides to explore the pleasant castle, instead of running after the wimp.

Alas! The castle is not as hospitable as we first thought. There are wire cages in which Mina loses herself (literally, not mentally). Be thankful the wires are not electrocuted.

We see John turning around in circles. Perhaps lost because Mina has the map.

Mina finds the Count on his throne, after a bit of twirling about in the wire maze. He stands from his seat, says “Did you do something to your hair?”

John decided that he must go back! To look for his fiance, who must have gone into the castle instead of the castle grounds because NO ONE CAN RESIST A CASTLE!

Scene cuts between Mina/Dracula and Mina/John. I’d rather see Dracula, actually.

Mina finds herself unable to resist dancing with the spiked back Count. They choose an acrobatic ballet routine, perhaps something they had been practicing since 1066 but the moves are still in Mina’s limbs despite her reincarnation.

Jon is scared but he sings.



More synchronized dancing

Jon escapes the wired maze, singing, “She makes me sick. I die inside.” Does he dislike her independence or does he miss her so much that he feels physically unwell without her?

[empty image]

A bunch of flashes that I am too lazy to capture.

A dining scene, reminiscence of The Last Supper.

You damn flirt!

Waking to her senses, Mina flees!

Leaving the guests flabbergasted. Who doesn’t enjoy a 1066 bottle of red wine?

Last boss battle

Dracula glares, looking like the Black Swan. Jon, as usual, shrinks and flees.

They reunite!


PS I had fun printscreening the music video but the captions were harder.


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