My first paranormal experience: Orang Minyak?

I have an unhealthy appetite for the paranormal since young. I would borrow books from the library about ghosts and ghouls and watch horror movies on TV. Even now I love playing scary (not gory) games.

Today, I read an article about the Orang Minyak (Oily Man). According to reports, a Malaysian village believes that two of such paranormal creatures were in their residential area.

This incident reminded me of my first encounter with what I believe was a weird version of the Orang Minyak.

I was still a kid then and we lived in a shop house. One afternoon, I was in the living room playing with a sewing machine, pretending that I was sewing. My father was having his afternoon nap and snoring away in his room.

While I played, I looked up at our front door. We had one of those sliding metal gates that form diamond shapes at each crisscross.

At the door, there was a dark human figure. I mean like black dark. It wasn’t wearing clothes but was dark all over. It looked like it was peeping in, with his legs behind the wall.

I remember staring at it really hard with all sorts of explanation running in my head.

The figure looked like it feel into a pot of tar. The edges of the figure wasn’t smooth like how a human head or skin would look from afar. The outline looked bumpy. I thought it was tar because a childhood friend has a duck farm and they use tar to get rid of duck feathers.

I rubbed my eyes, like they do on TV when they see amazing things. I half hoped it would disappear if I closes my eyes.

It didn’t. And was still looking in.

Then I screamed: “AHHHHHHH!” The figure dashed off.

My dad got out of his room, asking: “What happened?!”

My brain raced. He would never believe me if I told him I saw Tar Man. So I said: “There was a dog.” He went out to look but there was nothing.

Until this day, I believe that what I saw was supernatural. If it were me today, I would approach it and examine the hell out of it.


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