Maybe love is like lipstick

I’m not a lipstick girl. I prefer lipbalms more than lipsticks.

Maybe because my lip color is so dark that finding something pigmented enough to cover it or not turn into a different color is really difficult. I’ve tried looking for a good color/brand but I gave up half way and thought: Maybe there is no good lipstick out there.

But today, I decided to give lipstick a chance and bought one from Revlon. It’s actually promoted as a lipstick+lipbalm combo.

Since I have nothing to do on the bus back, I thought that lipstick sounds terribly like love.

Lipstick=romantic love

Here’s the thing, I’m not sure if I believe in romantic love or not. I want to, but I’m not certain it exists. The only reason is, I’ve not experience mutual romantic love–though family and friend love, I’m familiar with those.

So imagine, lipsticks as men. And wearing lipstick as being in a relationship with a man. (I’m currently hetero so I’m using man as the romantic object).

In this setting, lipbalms are crushes (and I’ve had plenty of both). I also associate lipstick with women-ess.

Types of lipstick wearers

Some people love wearing lipstick and they’ve found the lipstick for them. ==Some people have found “the love of their life”.

Some people wear lipstick for the sake of wearing–maybe they need to for work. ==Some people get into relationships for sake of it, even if they aren’t terribly fond of the person.

Some people wear lipbalm because they don’t like lipstick or haven’t  lipsticks don’t work for them. ==Some people (me?!) have crushes because I can’t find a men/lipstick that I want to spend the rest of my lipstick-wearing-period.

Some people just don’t care. ==Good, you’ve achieved Nirvana.

The thing is, you never know if a lipstick suits you until you’ve tried it out. Some may flake on you (like men do), some may look good for a while but you get so bored with it that you want to find something new, and some you just fall out of love with.

So, with my new lipstick, I hope I will achieve the love wearing lipstick stage. But I really don’t mind my lipbalms.

Same goes with men.


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