Weird dreams

I usually don’t remember my dreams so I get really excited when I wake up from one.

The dream this morning had a strange storyline. Somehow, I was on the road on a motorcycle and I witness a motorcycle chase between a bad person (I assume) and a police man.

So brrrroooom went the bikes. And the policeman stood up on his bike while it was still moving and shot the front wheels of the bad guy’s bike. The wheel didn’t blow up because it missed. Then more shots until the bad person finally stopped.

Then somehow, I ended up at the police station (as a witness?) and got a date from the policeman above. (And I said yes to it.)

Does looks matter?

Unfortunately, the policeman didn’t look very appealing. (Why the f— did I say yes in the first place?) His face was decent looking but the rest of the package wasn’t. He was balding, slightly taller than I am, had a huge chest+stomach. He even left an extra button on his shirt unbuttoned and he had curly chest hair.

[update: He looks like a taller Danny De Vito.]

I probably looked at his chest in horror. Then he went back in his office. I went back reading a magazine. Then this lady grabs my handbag–which looks almost like hers–and insists that it is hers until I grabbed it back.

When the policeman he came back, he had a yellow t-shirt inside his shirt. And then he said that he received a threatening note from someone that he had better be careful or else Anna Karenina gets it. Turn out Anna is his dog.


This dream is strange on multiple levels.

1. It clearly shows how desperate I am to go on dates that it even appears in my dream.

2. I’d rather be the one doing the gun shooting than being just a witness of the event.

3. Balding, big stomach, short and chest hair (I was thinking about how I don’t like arm hair yesterday). And a dog? That is the ultimate No Thanks list for me. But this might also mean I should stop being so judgemental about people. Look how the policeman managed to save lives. (Still urgh though)

4. Was the handbag lady really just a misunderstanding or is she trying to find out things from my bag?

5. A bad guy threatening to hurt someone the policeman loves? So cliche.

To see the police in your dream symbolizes structure, rules, power, authority and control. You need to put an end to your reckless behavior or else the law will catch up to you. Alternatively, the dream refers to failure in honoring your obligation and commitments.

To dream that you are on a date represents your need for self-discovery and self-awareness. You are getting to know some hidden aspects of yourself and acknowledging your hidden talents. Alternatively, it may reflect your anxieties about dating or finding acceptance. The dream may also be a “rehearsal” for an actual date you have. It serves to overcome anxieties you may have.

To see a gun in your dream represents aggression, anger, and potential danger. You could be on the defensive about something. Or you may be dealing with issues of passiveness/aggressiveness and authority/dependence. Alternatively, a gun is a symbol of power and pride. Perhaps you are looking for shelter or protection in your dream. From a Freudian perspective, a gun represents the penis and male sexual drive. [Flo: haha] Thus, the gun may mean power or impotence, depending on whether the gun went off or misfired.

To dream you or someone is ugly signifies aspects of yourself that disgusts and repulses you. These may be feelings you have rejected or repressed.


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