Meet Judy

I picked up my bicycle yesterday from a man who advertised on gumtree.

He spoke Chinese on the phone, but put up his ad in English. I am not sure if he is selling stolen bikes or if it’s a legal business.

It was raining when I brought Judy (full name Judith) back. I mostly walked with it since I couldn’t balance my umbrella while cycling.

While walking, my shoes were soaked in rain water. I thought of Judi Drench, and how apt the name for the bicycle is.

There are stickers of Piyo Piyo on the bike. I learned of Piyo from a manga series I like.
I need to get headlights and rear lights for Judy.

PS Following my tradition of naming my tech equipment after Beatlessongs with female titles, Judy was named after “Hey Jude” (with a lot of change).


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