Where have all the strong female leads gone?

Spent a good part of the off-in-lieu today watching the Taiwanese remake of “Absolute Boyfriend”.

It’s a story about a girl who accidentally receives a robot boyfriend who (which?) is programed to fit all her criteria: will help me clean up my mess, great at cooking and will make all three meals for me, will be at my side when I am sad.

She trails the robot for two days. Then the company that produces the robot tells her that she has exceeded the trial period and will have to pay a large amount of money for it. Then our story goes on.

I’ve seen the Japanese-version of the drama and read the manga both shows are based on. It’s a nice comedy to pass time and to ogle handsome men.

The Taiwanese drama has a Korean actress in the role of the female lead. I dislike that she screams and whines and acts cute most of the way in the show. Urgh! If a man-robot carries you to bed, just order him-it to stop, instead of putting your fist under your chin and scream.



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