Through the Looking-Glass

These past months I have been neglecting my previous makeup routine. Not only have I forgotten where my gel eyeliners are, I’ve stopped looking into the mirror while I slap my sunscreen on at my computer.

My white sunscreen ran out so I had been using a tinted BB cream instead. Still lazily slapping it on my face at the computer.

Last Saturday, I spotted my BB cream was a mess. There was a clear gap in the middle of my forehead where I did not apply my cream. 

Today, I went to the glass and looked at myself. I painted the cream with my fingers so my face would have an even tone. Then I looked at myself, thinking: So this is the body that I am occupying.

I don’t know how that line came up, it sounds like it belongs in a movie more than my head. Perhaps, my life is a long drawn out movie. 


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