GTO remake

Instead of daily photo, I want to talk about the remake of GTO. Erm… No, I actually want to talk about my history with GTO.

I just found out that Fuji TV has remade Great Teacher Onizuka. Back when I was a high school kid, it was the Japanese drama. Heck my English teacher even thought of himself as Onizuka, too bad none of the kids were blowing up our science lab.

A summary of the story: Onizuka, our bleached hero, is from a tier-3 university and only became a high school teacher because he thought he could have a high-school-aged wife. He’s a pervert and all that. However, because of his macho-ness and hot-blooded willingness to help others, he’s the hero of the tale.

In the comic, my favorite character was Kanzaki Urumi. She is said to have an IQ of 200 and loved playing pranks on other people. She does have a semi-tragic history which has indirectly led to her becoming a rebel (who blows up science labs). She was the one who inspired me to list “Learn 5 languages” as my bucket list–which I found out was quite easy because I already have English, Mandarin and Malay.

Anyway, another character (second smartest person) in the book is Kikuchi (whose first name I can’t remember). I used to write my angsty teen diary addressing him as a penpal–because I’m that weird.

I liked the comic much better than the live action. I wonder how the new version will do. I must find it on the Interwebs.


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