Crazy idea: I want to shave my head

Hello, hadn’t been back here for sometime so I need to jot down stuff I can’t write in my two other more active blogs.

Indonesian traveler Trinity is now on a RTW trip. In her blog post, she mentioned that she cut her hair really short for travelling.

Then I decided to steal her idea. I will cut my hair on my RTW too. And by cutting, I mean taking an electric shaver to my head.

Yes, this is one of the crazy ideas I get. And fortunately, this is a crazy idea that is easy to turn into reality.

During my trip to BKK, I saw a lot of nuns. OK, not more than 5, but that’s an infinite times more nuns than I see everyday. (You can’t multiple zero.) They look pretty ok with the close crop look.

So, when you see me without 99% of my hair next time, don’t worry!

Crazy vintage video on shaved head ladies.


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