Dreams and ghost kitties

Had an Inception-like dream during nap time yesterday. Or maybe it wasn’t layered but just a lucid dream.

In deepest level of the dream, I was in a deserted mansion. I kept hearing loud meowing of cats. I looked behind, there were a wall of lockers (i was discussing the lack of lockers in public spaces with my sister).

Painted on the lockers were alphabets: PLEASE HELP KITTY or similar.

I was worried that the kittens were trapped in the lockers and have died. As I was backing out of the room, someone shushed the cats with a loud SHHH!

I remember telling myself this is not real and I should write it down.

Then I was in somewhere different, writing about the cat ghosts, with a pen on a paper.

I woke up on my bed, sleeping on my left arm.


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