Tanda Zap is amazing

Warning, description of my barbarous skin care.

I bought a Tanda Zap when there was a Groupon offer for it. I thought of the S$51 (was it that expensive??!) as a gamble. If it worked, great. If it didn’t, oh well, at least it wasn’t the S$98 original price.

My skin isn’t the type to breakout often. I suspect this is because of my large pores, no celestial being is as cruel to give a woman large pores, blackheads AND pimples.

When I get the occassional pimple, they look fiercely inflamed and would take about a week before it becomes tame enough for me to squeeze them out.

But using the Tanda Zap twice a day, the pimple would dry out by the second night.

It’s amazing! It eats up battery quite fiercely as well. Thank goodness for my rechargeable AAA batteries.


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