Les Miserables the movie = cry fest

I watched Les Miserables 15 minutes into the movie because I took a wrong turn before the shopping mall.

I wept tablespoons in the cinema. I heard loud snifflings around me too. haha.

I’ve looked for the musicals on youtube so I can practice the songs before the movie. (I like singing along silently to musicals.)

If I do not compared the singing to the professional singers, it’s a great movie. If I do compare them, then I would suggest Hugh Jackman, Amanda Seyfried, and Russell Crowe (especially Mr Crowe) to stick to acting.

I cringe during older Cosette’s songs because she sings too high. Javert couldn’t sing (at all!). Hugh Jackman’s OK but we need more bass (not this bass though)!

All of Fontine’s songs made me weep. I don’t think it’s because of Anne Hathaway’s singing but because of the whole sad-Fontine thing.

The Lovely Ladies sequence was fun but also scary. (The musical version is less scary.)

Lea Salonga as Fontine (v good)

The best “Confrontration” I’ve heard.

I didn’t feel sad when Javert you-know-what. I was thinking “Good riddance!”


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