A dream of mudslides and grave markers

Dream from Feb 20


Dreamed i was with my parents and sister visiting somewhere. Then i looked out behind the hall we were in and i saw wonderful roman statues.

I realized that it was the previous house of chen you ren (a rich but not well liked man in kk). There was the remnants of a mud slide at the back. Worst, there were Chinese grave markers (the old fancy type)

Then mom pointed at some shards, saying people pick up the shards from the helicopter for good luck.

I looked and there was a gray military-like helicopter. It crash landed but managed to survive. And a-ting, a guy we know was on it.

My sister went into the mud. In came a humungous lizard but my sister wasn’t afraid of it. (I probably saw the headlines of Komodo dragon harming a tour guide).

Suddenly we were in a different place. Somewhere we had travelled to. We were walking aimlessly in the small town.

I said to my parents to let me google a hotel. Suddenly we reached a hostel which mom booked!

We were brought up and down many staircases.

I woke up


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