Deciphering ‘The Secret’

Deciphering 'The Secret'

I was passed a DVD of The Secret at a tarot gathering on Saturday. The man who passed it to me said The Secret (capital T and S) was what helped him gain what he has today. He refused to share more about what it was about.

Well, I’ve finished watching the DVD and I can share what the content is about.

It’s all about positive thinking and wishing what you want. By thinking positive, the universe will pave the way for you to make it happen.

Hmm… I believe in positive thinking and being ambitious. But I don’t think the universe would change the world just because you are thinking positive.

The DVD also reminds me of a person I know in university. Person A who is a very devout Christian says he/she prays for good outcome and she gets it. God is great! What Person A didn’t see was that he/she has always worked 120% for the things she wants to get.

Anyway, I really do hope there is a magical entity which could help me get one of my stories done in 4 days time. 



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